Dakota Lithium 24V Trolling Motor Battery Set (100Ah)

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Product Description

Built Dakota tough, this 24V lithium trolling motor battery set with 100 amp hours (Ah) of capacity, gives you the power to fish from morning to night. Engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology this battery set has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery – providing exceptional lifetime value. 100Ah of capacity is optimal for larger 24V trolling motors. Ideal for deep cycle applications in marine environments where you need lots of power for a long time. Lithium deep cycle battery durability, backed by an 11 Year Warranty. A Dakota Lithium 24V 5A charger is included and discounted upgrades to fast chargers and onboard chargers are available.

11 Year Warranty
Best in class, 11 year manufacturer defect warranty.
Storage Capacity
100 ampere hours (Ah). Dakota Lithium batteries provide consistent power for all 100 amp hours. LiFePO4 batteries have a flat voltage curve, which means they have a steady power output as the battery discharges. The power output will not dramatically drop like similar sized SLA batteries. You get all the juice down to the last drop.
This set is intended to be wired in series for 24V applications. (Dakota Lithium 12V batteries can be used in series for up to 48V systems)
1280 Watts per battery
M8 bolt terminals with hardware included. Easy to adapt to different connection needs. (Max torque 15 ft. lbs.)
12.99" (330mm) x 6.77" (172mm) x 8.66" (220mm) - LxWxH
Group Size 27 & 31
BCI Group 31 equivalent (1" longer than a group 27), compatible for physical dimensions & terminal location. Usable deep cycle capacity is much higher (2x) than a lead-acid battery of the same group size. Deep cycle only. Not for starting engines.
31.9 lbs (14.5 Kg) per battery. That's 60% lighter then a SLA battery. Carrying straps included.
Up to 80% capacity for 2,000 cycles in recommended conditions. The typical SLA has 500 cycles. Dakota Lithium batteries last so long that the price per use is a fraction of traditional batteries.
Operating Temperature
Ideal for rugged & harsh environments. Much better than SLA or other lithium’s. -20°F min, +120°F max optimal operating temps (battery performs well down to -20°F). Avoid charging below 32°F.
100A max continuous, 200A max pulse 10 second pulse. The flat discharge voltage curve provides 75% more useable capacity then a SLA 100Ah battery.
50A max, 14V max recommended, 15V max. 5 LiFePO4 compatible charger options are available with this package.
Lithium batteries must be balanced before connecting in series for optimal capacity and lifespan. Please review Dakota Lithium's Balancing InstructionsA 12 volt 10 amp charger is also included with this package in order to complete this process.
Includes Active BMS Protection
Every Dakota Lithium battery contains a Battery Management System (BMS) that handles automatic cell balancing, low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection and high temperature protection for increased performance and longer life.
Charger Options
We offer multiple charging options with this package to suit your various needs.
  1. Dakota Lithium 24V 5A Charger - 9 hour charge time if fully discharged.
  2. Dakota Lithium 24V 20A Charger - 5 hour charge time if fully discharged.
  3. NOCO 2 Bank Onboard Charger - Charges each 12V battery individually at 10 amps each.
  4. NOCO 3 Bank Onboard Charger - Charges each 12V battery plus the boats starting battery individually at 10 amps each.
  5. Dakota Lithium 4 Bank Onboard Charger - Charge each of these 12V batteries plus two more lithium batteries, all at 10 amps each.

Dakota Lithium 24 Volt Lithium Trolling Motor Battery Set (100Ah)

Warranty Information

11 Year Battery Warranty, 1 Year Charger