About GMI Energy

Who is GMI Energy?

GMI Energy was founded on the idea that recreation and adventures are key elements to living a quality life. Not only for the fun or relaxation aspects, or even the adrenaline rushes. Most importantly it's about time with friends and family while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

​We also understand that for these adventures to be a success, you need to get there, you need to have a good time and you need to get home. All of these require power sources you can rely on or the 'adventure' becomes a whole different kind. 

Let us help you make sure your tow rig gets you on the road, your side-by-side or boat doesn't let you down and your RV is ready with all the comforts of home when it's time to call it a day.

If home is where you are finishing your day's adventures, don't let storms and power outages worry you. Our lines of portable power stations and solar generators vary from compact sizes to take on the road with you, up to whole home energy storage solutions to ensure your safety and comfort regardless of the conditions of the outside world. Let our family help take care of yours!

Why Choose GMI Energy?

At GMI Energy, we strive to provide excellent service with transparency and honesty at every level of our business. Have a question? Email or call us and reach a real person. No chat bots, no system that's designed to keep you from a human, just people willing to help.

How Fast Can GMI Energy Ship?

We provide realistic shipping quotes during checkout of every order and will do everything in our power to ensure those estimates become a reality. Need it FAST? Numerous express shipping options are available at checkout on eligible products. Note: Lithium batteries can only be shipped by Ground services due to government regulations.

Is GMI Energy Legitimate?

GMI Energy has worked hard to earn our 4.84 average star rating and our goal is for every customer to happily be our next 5-Star review.

With 25+ years of customer experience, earning your continued business is a culture, not marketing hype.


The GMI Energy family wishes you the best on all your adventures.