Lithium Battery BMS Reset

If a lithium (LiFePO4) battery suddenly stops working, the Battery Management System (BMS) has probably 'tripped' like a circuit breaker to protect the lithium cells. This can be verified by the battery voltage reading nearly zero volts. This can occur due to many reasons including the following:

  • Excessive current in/out of the battery
  • Voltages too high or low
  • Temperatures too high or low

In order to reset a BMS that has placed the battery into a protection mode, a LiFePO4 charger with the correct charging voltage will be needed. When the internal BMS detects the correct input voltage, it will verify that the condition that caused the event is no longer present and re-enable battery operation.


If you need additional help, check with the manufacturer of your battery for brand specific troubleshooting or contact GMI Energy and we will be happy to help. Please have battery and charger voltage measurements available.