VMAX BC1220LFP User Manual

Charging Instructions

  1. Connect the RED charger alligator clamp to the RED positive (+) battery terminal.
  2. Connect the BLACK charger alligator clamp to the BLACK negative (-) battery terminal.
  3. Connect the charger AC power cord to the 110V/220V AC outlet.
  4. Upon detecting a good battery with minimum Voltage of 8V, LED will turn red as Bulk Charging begins. If battery is almost charged when connected, and charging current is <2A, LED will blink Red then switch to GREEN as charger goes into Float Mode. If battery voltage is below 8V, LED will turn GREEN while charger performs soft start charging; to raise the battery voltage to 8V. If the battery accepts the charge, LED will turn RED at 8V and Bulk Charging begins. 
  5. As the charging current drops below 2A, LED will switch to GREEN and charger will go into Float Mode. Charger will slowly bring the battery to 100% state of charge as charging current drops to 0A. If LED does not turn RED at any point after powering charger and connecting it to battery, disconnect and troubleshoot battery and charger. Most probable cause is a defective battery.
  6. Disconnect AC cord from outlet first, then the alligator clamps from battery.