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Product Description

The BT24S battery tray is the perfect way to secure a Group 24 battery. This rugged battery tray maintains its impact properties down to minus 20°F, as well as being resistant to UV, oil, gas and other contaminants. Ideal for installation in RV's & marine applications.
  • Designed for a single Group 24 battery.
  • Internal reservoir to collect battery acid.
  • Impact and UV resistant.
  • Includes battery tie down strap.
  • Also works with J-bolts and tie down clamp (not included).
  • Meets Coast Guard (USCG) Code of Federal Regulations 183.420.
  • Meets American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) E-10.7.

Designed Tough
A battery tray for extreme conditions. Structurally enhanced battery storage solution that maintains its tough impact properties down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

UV Resistant
Engineered to last the rigors of the outdoors. Made with UV inhibitors and color stabilizers to prevent structural degradation and color fading. Together, it's one of the toughest, most dependable battery trays ever.

Ultimate Protection
Designed for full-flow ventilation and collection of spilled electrolytes, its reservoir is acid-resistant for safely capturing spilled battery acid.

Battery Dimensions
Fits most Group 24 batteries. Designed to accommodate most Automotive, Marine, and RV Group 31 lead-acid, AGM & lithium batteries. Fits battery sizes 10.3" - 11.3" x 6.3 - 7.3".

Made in the USA
We strive to maintain a reputation of diligently constructing the highest quality products, which is why every battery tray is designed, engineered, and made in the USA.

What's Included
Group 24 Battery Tray & 42-Inch Battery Strap.

Group 24 Battery Tray Specs
 Battery Size  Group 24
 Inside   Dimensions  11.3" x 7.3" x 1.2"
 External   Dimensions  11.5" x 8.4" x 1.3"
 Weight  .4 lbs

NOCO BT24S Datasheet

NOCO Group 24 Marine Battery Tray - BT24S

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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