VMAX VCP18K 18,000W Audio System Lithium Charge Pump


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Product Description

VMAX VCP18K Charge Pumps (VCP) are specifically designed to work in parallel with another 12V battery or power source to achieve several objectives:

  1. Boost and deliver massive current surges: VCP's can provide a significant surge of current, which is particularly useful for powering 12V mobile audio systems, hydraulics, and other inductive loads. These loads often require a high amount of current during peak operation, and the VCP helps meet these demands.
  2. Maximize SPL levels and minimize vehicle light flickering: By delivering a boost in current, VCP's help maximize the sound pressure level (SPL) produced by audio systems. Additionally, they help prevent flickering of vehicle lights that can occur when the power supply is insufficient to meet the demands of the audio system.
  3. Eliminate the need for large battery banks: Instead of relying on a large number of batteries to supply power to high-power audio systems, VCP's offer an alternative solution. By efficiently boosting and delivering current surges, they reduce the reliance on multiple batteries, saving space and cost.
  4. Minimize failures of power amplifiers and subwoofers: Low voltage drops can cause power amplifiers and subwoofers to underperform or fail. VCP's help mitigate this issue by ensuring that the voltage supplied to these components remains at an optimal level, preventing performance degradation and potential failures.
  5. Increase the lifespan of vehicle batteries: Repeated deep discharges can significantly shorten the lifespan of vehicle batteries. VCP's play a protective role by preventing the batteries from experiencing deep discharges, thereby increasing their lifespan.
  6. Support motors and inductive loads during startup: Motors and other inductive loads require a high amount of current during startup. VCP's assist in providing the necessary surge of current during these initial moments, ensuring smooth startup and operation of such loads.

Overall, VMAX Charge Pumps offer various benefits, including improved power delivery, protection for components, increased efficiency, and extended battery lifespan, making them valuable additions to systems that require high current surges and a reliable power supply.

Main Uses:

  • Car Audio: 18,000 Watts
  • Hydraulics
  • High starting current inductive loads 

Note: Must be used in parallel with another battery or power source. Not suitable as the main source of power in most applications.

Features & Advantages:
Utilizing state of the art LTO cells, balancers and components, VMAX pumps are designed to deliver unmatched performance and advantages including:

  • Fast charging of up to 10 times rated capacity (10C).
  • Accept high voltage inputs of up to 17.4V, making them safe to work with high output alternators.
  • Deliver massive current surges exceeding 120 times rated capacity (120C).
  • High energy density, small size, and light weight.
  • 20,000+ cycle life design life, stable performance, maintenance-free.
  • Safe and wide temperature range exceeding those of LFP batteries.
  • No “memory effect”; eliminating the need to keep them always fully charged.
  • Work well with most types of 12V batteries; AGM, Gel, Wet and other Lithium batteries.


  •  Use of a Lithium charger is recommended, though AGM chargers are also acceptable.
  •  Vehicle alternators with 14.5 ~ 17.4V outputs.
  •  Reconditioning and float charging are not recommended. Disconnect charger after full charge. 
  •  Charging before first use is recommended.


  • Read unit technical data and specifications at vmaxtanks.com before use.
  • Use the right gauge cables and fuses to connect your VMAX Charge Pump (VCP) in parallel with the existing 12V battery or power source.
  • Use adequate screws to securely mount and install your VCP.
  • Connect main battery cables to VCP terminals. An inline fuse is recommended (VCP6:100A, VCP9:100-150A, VCP12:150A, and VCP18: 200-250A)
  • After connecting and wiring your system, connect system/load cable ends to VCP terminals.
  • Ensure all terminals are tight and secure- do not overtighten.
  • Fuse -at VCP terminals- all power cables connecting VCP to system/load (VCP6:150-200A, VCP9:200-250A,
    VCP12:250-300A, and VCP18: 300A+)
  • The use of fuses is mainly to protect the cables against any accidental short circuit after installation. Refer to website for recommended fuse ratings.
  • Up to four VCPs can be connected in parallel for larger systems. Do not connect in series.
  • Check and tighten all screws and connections regularly.


  • Do not connect in series with any other battery.
  • Do not connect more than 4 VCPs in parallel.
  • Do not short circuit, revers polarity, open or tamper with.
  • Do not use in an environment where temperatures exceed 120F.
  • Do not mount inside an engine compartment, or close to high temperature devices.
  • Unit must be returned to VMAX USA or your Authorized dealer for any repair or service issues.

VMAX CP18K Specs

VMAX CP18K 18,000W Audio System Lithium Charge Pump | Car Audio Batteries

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