Lion Energy Safari Portable Power Station w/XP Battery 4300Wh / 3000W

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3000+ Watts
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Product Description

Apply for a 30% federal tax credit under the Residential Clean Energy Credit when you use a Safari + XP as home energy battery storage! Clink the link to see if you qualify!

A powerful addition to our lineup, the Lion Safari and Safari-XP (expansion pack) are here to revolutionize your life with clean, limitless, and renewable energy like never before. These powerful companions have a zero carbon footprint during use, they emit no greenhouse gases, and pose no harm to our environment. Remarkably gentle yet incredibly powerful, the Lion Safari and Safari-XP are even safe for indoor adventures and as quiet as a lioness on the prowl.

Wherever your journey takes you, whether amidst the blazing savannas or bustling city streets, trust these reliable companions to provide ample power on the go. Join the energy revolution today and unlock your power potential with the Lion Safari! For endless energy, consider adding optional solar panels to harness the boundless power of the sun.

  • FAST CHARGE TIME: Achieve a full wall-to-battery charge in just 5.3 hours with the Safari-XP!
  • EXTENDED USE: With 3,500+ cycles, it’s built to last for daily, extended use.
  • MULTIPLE OUTPUTS: Connect multiple devices via AC, USB, or 12V connections - the options are plentiful!
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Carrying handles make transportation a breeze, at 57lbs and only 50lbs for the Safari-XP they’re easy to take with you anywhere.
  • POWER TO SPARE: Unleash the beast with an initial 6,000W surge for those moments when you need that extra boost.

Keep Your Adventures Going With All the Power You Need
Plug in anything from power tools, mini-fridge, CPAP, TVs, power tools, blenders, laptops, drones, lamps, to cameras and phones. Keep projects going with all the power you need. The Lion Safari has a powerful 3,000W inverter with an impressive 4,300Wh of capacity with the XP included in this package, allowing you to use your devices for the longest period of time.

  • Portable
  • Renewable
  • Longer Power
  • Powerful
  • Fast Charging
  • Durable

More Power. More Versatility.
The Lion Energy Safari comes with a 3,000 watt inverter and over 1,600 watt hours of power in just the base unit, giving you all the portable power you need.

Bluetooth Compatible

  • Connect to the your Bluetooth enabled product from a distance through your mobile device.
  • Monitor current energy capacity.
  • See incoming and outgoing energy usage in real time.
  • Search for Lion Energy Smart in your app store, or click on the app store links below to download now!

Take It Anywhere You Need Power

Save By Bundling
Create a great portable solar generator package. You can build your own starting with Lion Energy's largest portable generator—the Safari + XP Expansion Battery. Add 1 to 6 - 24V 100W solar panels so you can save money and be ready for anything.

Safari Manual

Safari-XP Manual

Lion Energy Safari Specs
 Weight  57.3 lbs
 Dimensions  20"x13.3"x13.3"   (LxWxH)
 Output Ports   (AC)  4
 Output Ports   (USB)  2X USB-A 5V     @3A each
   2X USB-C 20V   @3A (60W max)
 DC Output  1 (15A)
 Warranty  5 years
 Solar   Charging  
 Maximum   Watts  600W
 Solar Panel   Volts  24 - 60 VDC,   solar panel   must  be >36   VMP <60 VOC
 Maximum   Current  25A
 Solar Charger   Type  MPPT
 AC Charging  
 Maximum   Watts  800W
 Charge   Voltage  102 - 130 VAC
 Charge   Frequency  45-65 Hz
 Battery   Chemistry  Lithium Iron   Phosphate
 Maximum   Capacity  1,612Wh
 Output Watts  3,000W Cont.   6,000W Surge
 Life Cycles  3,500+
 Charge   Retention  1+ Year
Lion Energy Safari-XP Specs
Weight 50.7 lbs
(L x W x H)
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery Capacity 2,688Wh
Life Cycles 3,500+
Charge Retention Up to 2 Years
Min. Charge Time 4.5 hours with Safari Unit

Warranty Information

5 Year Warranty

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