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Product Description

30% federal tax credit under the Residential Clean Energy Credit when you purchase a SuperBase V for home energy battery storage! Clink the link to see if you qualify!

4,608Wh Capacity (4.6kWh)
The SuperBase V 4600 has a storage capacity of 4.6 kWh (4,608Wh). The maximum configuration for SuperBase V4600 includes two base units and eight Satellite Batteries for a total capacity of 46kWh.

Note: Bundle a SuperBase V 4600 with the B4600 Expansion Battery to achieve 9,216Wh of capacity and save $599! For more details on the B4600 Expansion Battery click the link.

Zendure SuperBase V Intelligent Control Panel

Powerful 3800 Watts of AC Output
A single SuperBase V can provide up to 3,800W of power, and two units can be connected together to provide up to 7,600W. That's enough power to supply a typical household with a washer, dryer, heater, refrigerator and more.

Fastest Charging Options Anywhere
Combining AC and solar power, SuperBase V can charge up to 5,150W on its own, or 6,600W when connected to a Satellite Battery. Whether you're planning for an emergency or using SuperBase V to manage your household energy consumption, faster is always better. SuperBase V can charge up to 3,000 W using solar power alone. This is enough to fully charge the main unit in under 2 hours. You can charge SuperBase V from a 120V or 240V outlet AC. At 240V, SuperBase V can draw 3,600W at its AC input and recharge in about 1.5 hours.

16 Output Ports for Unmatched Versatility

Zendure SuperBase V 16 Outputs

120V/240V Dual Voltage
If your home or worksite includes 240V appliances or power tools, you need an energy storage system capable of high-voltage output. And while other products on the market can provide 120V or 240V, SuperBase V is the first and only system that can supply both at the same time, from a single base unit, thanks to our patented GridFlow 2.0 Real-Time Bidirectional Inverting Technology. This also makes 240V on the road a reality, making it an ideal worksite companion.

3000W Solar Input
SuperBase V can charge up to 3,000W using solar power alone. This is enough to fully charge the main unit in under 2 hours. While we offer our own solar panels, SuperBase V is compatible with a wide range of other manufacturers' solar panels from 12V to 150V and can be easily integrated into your existing solar system.

Plug-and-Play Home Energy Storage + Portability
Home batteries can be quite heavy, so SuperBase V’s rear wheels are motorized to help lighten the load. Simply pull the handle and enjoy true portability, even on inclined surfaces.

Zero-Downtime Online UPS
Sensitive electrical equipment can fail or sustain damage from even a brief interruption in power. When choosing an uninterruptible power supply, every millisecond counts. SuperBase V’s backup power switches on in 0ms*, again thanks to our GridFlow 2.0 Real-Time Bidirectional Inverting Technology. It doesn’t get more “uninterruptible” than that.

5 Ways To Recharge And Always Be Ready

5 Ways to Recharge Zendure SuperBase V

Whole Home Energy Storage
SuperBase V is the first plug-and-play home energy storage system designed for the whole house. A customizable energy ecosystem with user-centric design and revolutionary technology, SuperBase V sets a new standard for home energy storage.

Zendure SuperBase V Home Energy Storage Diagram

Intelligent Energy Management
Our Home Panel with EV Outlets connects SuperBase V to your home’s electrical circuits to supply power throughout the house. The Zendure app gives you tools to monitor, manage, and customize your energy use. Using Zendure’s Time of Use tools, you can significantly reduce your energy bill. Zendure App Downloads

Zendure SuperBase V Intelligent Energy Management

Level 2 Fast Charging

Level 2 Fast Charging with Zendure SuperBase V

TT-30 RV Port Built-In with 30A 3,600W Capacity

Zendure SuperBase V TT-30 RV Port

What's Included
SuperBase V4600, AC cable, Satellite Battery Cable, MC4 to XT90 cable, Car charging cable, Accessory pouch.

360° Video

V4600 Operational Videos

V4600 Information Guide

V4600 Cables & Accessories

Zendure App Information and Downloads

V4600 Manual

V4600 Datasheet

Zendure V4600 Specs
 Capacity  4,608Wh
 Up to 4 additional
 23,040Wh Max 
 Battery Type  LiFePO4
 Dimensions  28.7"x13.6"x17.4"
 73 x 32 x 44.7cm
 Weight  121 lbs (55kg)
 Charging Temp  32°F - 104°F
 0°C to 45°C
 -4°F - 104°F
 -20°C to 45°C
 Communication  WiFi/Bluetooth
 App Interface  Zendure App
 AC  120V 1,800W
 240V 3,600W
 Solar Input  XT90, 12-150V   3,000W Max
 Car Input  XT90, 12/24V,
 EV Input  ZenT2 Port
 120V  1800W
 240V  3,800W
 TT-30 RV Port  30A, 3,600W,
 USB-C X2  5-20V, 100W each
 USB-C X2  5-12V, 20W each
 USB-A X2  5V/2.4A
 Car Outlet  10A
 Anderson  12.6V/30A
 DC5521  12.6V/3A

Zendure SuperBase V 4600 Power Station - ZDSBV4600 | Zendure Power Station

Warranty Information

3 Year Warranty + 2 additional years if you register product through the Zendure App