Choosing the Right Battery for Your Fish Finder

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Fish Finder

Posted by GMI Energy on May 02, 2023

Are you looking for the ideal energy source to power your marine equipment? Check out this guide on choosing the right battery for your fish finder to ensure a happy and successful purchase.

Determining the Ideal Battery Type

There are two popular battery types to consider when purchasing a battery for your fish-finding equipment—AGM and lithium. AGM batteries are typically cheaper than lithium batteries but offer little to no advantages for your fish finder. This is because AGM technology can only withstand 50 percent discharge before requiring another charging cycle. Conversely, lithium batteries can withstand 90–95 percent discharge between recharging sessions. In other words, lithium batteries provide more energy in each use cycle even though the two batteries may have the same amp hour (Ah) rating, ensuring consistent performance and power for long days of fishing. Additionally, the enhanced discharge capacity of lithium batteries helps improve their overall lifespan compared to AGM batteries, making them a worthy investment for your fish-finding equipment.

Calculating Battery Capacity

The most important aspect to consider when purchasing Fish Finder Batteries is how many hours of operation they can provide for your equipment. Since every fish finder device is different, determining how long a battery will last per charge takes a bit of math. To calculate a battery’s expected lifespan relative to your fish finder, simply divide the battery’s capacity by the device draw of your equipment. For instance, a 23Ah battery can provide nearly 6 hours of maximum battery life if your fish finder draws 4 amps per hour. This is because 23Ah (capacity) divided by 4 (device draw) equals 5.75 (battery life). Utilize this simple equation when shopping for a fish finder battery (or any battery) to ensure you get a properly sized battery for how long you need it to last. We also recommend adding 20-30% to the minimum capacity that you've calculated you need to ensure your trip doesn't get cut short by pushing the limits to closely. Your batteries overall life expectancy will also be longer if not depleted 100% on a regular basis, this holds true for deep cycle batteries as well.

Opting for Deep Cycle Technology

The final characteristic to look for when shopping for fish finder batteries and power for all your marine electronics is deep-cycle technology. Deep-cycle batteries are more suitable for sustained energy applications. These applications include trolling motors, RV interior appliances, mobility scooters, various solar devices, and of course, fish-finding equipment. Deep-cycle batteries are specifically manufactured to withstand deeper discharges over long periods of time—a perfect trait for marine equipment such as fish finders.

Choosing the right battery for your fish finder helps ensure that you find the absolute best product for your marine needs. Check out our quality selection of battery options here at GMI Energy.