What Kind of Battery Do You Need for Your Trolling Motor?

What Kind of Battery Do You Need for Your Trolling Motor?

Posted by GMI Energy on Mar 20, 2023

Are you ready for warm, long days spent on the water fishing for the ultimate catch? Before you prepare your boat for a lake trip, ensure you have the right kind of battery for your equipment—especially your trolling motor.

Battery Type: Lithium or AGM

In the world of batteries, type refers to the general internal components of each given product. Lithium-ion and AGM (absorbent glass mat) gel-flooded devices are the two most popular battery types, with AGM gel-flooded options replacing inefficient lead-acid batteries as a maintenance- and toxic-free alternative. But which type is best for your marine vessel?

We highly recommend a lithium battery for your trolling motor due to its superior power discharge over long periods when compared to AGM counterparts. Trolling motors are specifically designed to remain functional for extended stretches; therefore, they require batteries that can withstand prolonged use and still boast impressive and reliable lifespans. Lithium-ion batteries are better equipped for trolling applications than AGM gel-flooded alternatives. However, AGM batteries are always a better option than lead-acid devices.

Power Specifications

So, you now know that lithium batteries are best for marine and trolling applications, and AGM gel-flooded batteries are, at the least, an improvement over lead-acid options. Next, you must determine the ideal power specifications of your battery to ensure it meets the requirements of your motor and vessel.

Overall, batteries with higher amp-hour capacities are preferred for trolling applications since they can draw power for extended periods without completely draining. Amp-hour ratings over 50 are required for a trolling motor battery to ensure proper performance. Ultimately, the voltage specifications depend on the demands of the motor itself. For example, an engine that requires 12 volts of power needs a battery or series of batteries with an equal voltage rating.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Trolling motors operate through deep cyclesof energy currents; basically, they draw power intentionally slowly and over extended periods of time. As such, there are specific trolling motor batteries designed with deep cycle technology to support this operation method and ensure superior durability, energy efficiency, and performance. Lithium deep cycle batteries might be more expensive compared to traditional lithium options or AGM gel-flooded alternatives, but they are the ultimate choice for dedicated fishing enthusiasts.

Understanding what kind of battery you need for your trolling motor ensures a safer, more productive, and supremely enjoyable fishing experience for you and your passengers. Check out our marine vessel and motor battery selection here at GMI Energy.