Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech Dual Port LiPo Charger (1-6S AC/DC 700W White)

Gens Ace

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Product Description

The IMARS D300 Charger is a versatile and intelligent charger that supports both charging and discharging. The IMARS D300 Charger is designed specifically for the G-Tech smart battery, but is also compatible with non-smart batteries.

When a G-Tech smart battery is connected to the Imars D300 charger, the charger will automatically identify the battery type & voltage through the smart balance connector, and charging current recommended by the battery manufacturer. For non-smart batteries, it is necessary to manually select the battery type and the required working mode to get started.

The IMARS D300 Charger offers a range of features, including dual channel AC/DC smart balance charging, a small and lightweight portable design, a wide-view IPS display, and high power charging.

The charger has seven operating modes: charge, discharge, balance, storage, ExtDischarge, SyncCharging, and digital power supply. Offers simple to use operation.


  1. Dual Channel AC/DC Smart Balance Charger.
  2. Small & Lightweight Portable Design with wide-view IPS Display.
  3. High power charging, capable of Max 16 amp charge rates for one channel, worldwide 100V-240V voltage versatility, AC 300 Watts, DC 700 Watts.
  4. External discharge feature available.
  5. Synchronous output, 2-in-1 Fast-charging.
  6. Built-in DC power source for different devices.
  7. Controlled heat dissipation system.
  8. Advanced safety features, UL94-V0 Flame Retardant Grade.
  9. Protection of Short circuit / Over current / Overcharge / Over voltage.
  10. Support Gens Ace G-Tech smart charging.
  11. Also available in Black.


  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V; DC 7-30V
  • Output Voltage: DC 1-30V
  • Max. Input Current: DC 34A
  • Max. Discharging Power: 15W*2
  • Maximum Charging Power: AC 300W; DC 350W*2
  • Charge Current: 0.1-16A*2
  • Discharge Current: 0.1-3A*2
  • Cell Balancing: 1-6s
  • USB Output: 5V / 2.4A
  • Display Type: 2.4 inch IPS LCD Display
  • Supported Battery Chemistry: LiPo LiHV / LiFe 1-6S; NiMH  1-16S
  • Dimensions: 145x76x62 mm
  • Weight: 530g
  • Accessories Included: AC Input Cable / XT60-T adapter / XT60-EC5 adapter / XT60-EC3 adapter

Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech 1-6S Dual Port LiPo Battery Charger (White) - GEA300WD300-UW

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