Lithium Battery Heater w/Automatic Thermostat Control

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Product Description

Don't let frozen batteries leave you without power! This self contained battery heating system from Off Grid Power Pack will heat and insulate all battery types from freezing temperatures while drawing only .5 amps*. Internal thermostat automatically turns heater on when warmth is needed and off when not needed to save energy. The heater will turn on at ~41°F and will turn back off if temperatures reach ~68°F. Includes a thermal insulating jacket, heating element with internal thermostat, and an On/Off switch with LED. Prevent costly battery damage and keep your batteries warm all winter long.

*GC2 kits have 2 elements with a total of 1.0 amp draw.

In stock for BCI Group U1, 24, 27, 31 & GC2 batteries. Many manufacturers lump their batteries into the nearest group size despite being 1"+ different in one or more dimensions from actual BCI group measurements. These insulating jackets do not stretch so if your total circumference exceeds the numbers below, it will NOT likely fit. Please check actual battery dimensions or email us the brand and model number and we'll be happy to help you get the right fit or give you an estimate for a custom size if needed.

Need to Keep a 24V, 36V or 48V Battery Warm?
These heating elements are rated for 12 volts but a simple Voltage Reducer can be installed to run these heaters off higher voltage batteries. Click the link to view details on these voltage reducers.

Dimensions the insulating jackets are intended for (L x W x H):

  • Group U1 - 7.75" x 5.3" x 7.5"
  • Group 24 - 10.2" x 6.2" x 8.8"
  • Group 27 - 12.1" x 6.8" x 8.8"
  • Group 31 - 13.0" x 6.8" x 9.0"
  • Group GC2 - 10.3" x 7.2" x 10.5"

Some of the most common batteries and their group sizes:

Battle Born 12V 100Ah = 31
Battle Born 24V 50Ah = 31
Dakota Lithium 46Ah = U1
Dakota Lithium 54Ah (new version) = U1
Dakota Lithium 12V 60Ah = 24
Dakota Lithium 12V 100Ah = 31
Dakota Lithium 12V 135Ah = 24
Dakota Lithium 24V 50Ah = 31
Dakota Lithium 24V 60Ah = 24
Dakota Lithium 36V 60Ah = 31
Lion Energy UT 700 = 24
Lion Energy UT 1300 = 24
VMAX MR107-85 = 24
VMAX MR127-100 = 27
VMAX MR137-120 = 31
VMAX LFP1250B = U1
VMAX LFP24-1265 = 24
VMAX LFP27-12100 = 27
VMAX LFP27-12100XTR = 27
VMAX LFP27-2455 = 27
VMAX SLR85 = 24
VMAX SLR100 = 27
VMAX SLR125 = 31
VMAX V6-225 = GC2
VMAX XCA27-1000 = 27
VMAX XCA31-1400 = 31
VMAX XTR6-235 = GC2
VMAX XTR12-155 = 31
VMAX XTR27-110 = 27

Operational Notes:

  • LED on switch indicates switch position, not heating element status. Heating element will turn on/off automatically as needed based on temperatures.
  • Heating element has been redesigned so thermostat is now internal to the element. Older pictures and videos on the internet may show an external thermostat that is no longer used.

Off Grid Power Pack Lithium Battery Heater w/Automatic Thermostat Control | RV Battery Heater

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