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Product Description

Don't let frozen batteries leave you without power! This self contained battery heating system from Off Grid Power Pack will heat all battery types from freezing temperatures while drawing only 1.0 amp. Internal thermostat automatically turns heater on when warmth is needed and off when not needed to save energy. The heater will turn on at ~41°F and will turn back off if temperatures reach ~68°F. Includes a custom made under-battery heating plate with internal automatic thermostat, and an On/Off switch with LED. Prevent costly battery damage and keep your batteries warm all winter long.

Each heater has a maximum size of 24" x 12". Larger dimensions than this need to be split into multiple sections to add additional heating elements and increase the overall wattage to produce the heat needed for the larger area. Contact Us with your dimensions for a quote on multi-element heaters.

Most applications will not need additional insulation to keep the battery at proper temperatures but if the battery is open to the elements or in extreme cold, a custom made neoprene wrap is available.

Sizing Notes: Each battery heater is custom made to your dimensions so please allow 3-4 weeks lead time. Manufacturer dimensions may include handles, and the battery cases are often tappered slightly so the base dimension can be much smaller than the manufacturer measurements that are taken at the top of the battery. We recommend measuring the base of the battery yourself to ensure proper sizing.

For smaller, regular size batteries, see our standard Lithium Battery Heater.

Need to Keep a 24V, 36V or 48V Battery Warm?
These heating elements are rated for 12 volts but a simple Voltage Reducer can be installed to run these heaters off higher voltage batteries. Click the link to view details of these voltage reducers.

Operational Notes:

  • LED on switch indicates switch position, not heating element status. Heating element will turn on/off automatically as needed based on temperatures.
  • Heating element has been redesigned so thermostat is now internal to the element. Older pictures and videos on the internet may show an external thermostat that is no longer used.

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