4 Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Marine Battery

4 Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Marine Battery

Posted by GMI Energy on Mar 27, 2023

There's nothing worse than a faulty battery ruining an otherwise perfect day out on the water. Here are four tips for increasing the lifespan of your marine battery to ensure better durability and performance overall!

Maintenance Considerations

During boating season, you must maintain your marine battery through regular inspections and cleaning. Lead-acid batteries will need water levels checked and any corrosion cleaned. While AGM batteries are much less prone to corrosion, it can still occur if the battery is overcharged. AGM batteries will vent gases due to the heat created during overcharging and terminal corrosion is often the tell-tale sign. If battery maintenance during your boating or fishing season does not appeal to you, consider upgrading to Lithium Marine Batteries or Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries that you can simply use, charge, and repeat; all season long.

Storage Considerations

You must properly care for your marine battery when storing your boat during the off-season. Ensure your battery storage location is dry, and protected from atmospheric and outside influences. Protect your batteries from freezing with Battery Heating Kits, insulated covers (in more mild conditions) or move them to a temperature controlled environment. While lithium batteries won't freeze in the manner that lead-acid or AGM batteries will, the Battery Management System (BMS) will not allowing charging below 32° for most lithium batteries. This may leave your lithium battery internally disconnected from the charger for extended periods of time depending on your climate.

Usage Considerations

Do you often use your batteries' full capacity down to the last drop? While deep cycle batteries are designed to handle this abuse far better than traditional batteries, the depth of discharge (DOD) is still the most significant factor in a batteries' lifespan. Frequent deep discharges will reduce the number of cycles that a battery will last for, and this applies to all battery types including lithium. If typical use is consuming more than 50% of their total capacity, upgrading the amp hours (Ah) of your setup may pay for itself through the increased lifecycles and overall lifespan of your batteries.

Charging Considerations

Overcharging your marine battery can significantly hinder its ability to retain charges for long periods of time and reduce both the amperage output and the storage capacity. Overcharging can destroy internal components by literally boiling off electrolytes throughout the battery in both lead-acid and AGM chemistries. To ensure a happy and healthy marine battery, consider disconnecting the charger when the battery is full or investing in a smart Battery Charger that monitors battery levels to maximize your battery's lifespan.

Follow these four tips for increasing the lifespan of your marine battery to ensure a better overall boating experience. Additionally, browse our excellent selection of marine RV Batteries here at GMI Energy. Contact our friendly team to find the ideal battery components and accessories for your vessel!