Lion Energy 36V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery Set (105Ah)

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Product Description

This Lion Energy 36V lithium trolling motor battery set has 105 amp hours (Ah) of capacity, Bluetooth monitoring capabilities and a Lifetime Warranty. This package is intended to be connected in series for 36V trolling motors and other 36 volt low to moderate amp draw applications. 

The Lion Safari UT 1300 BT is the latest in Lithium Battery technology. It replaces traditional deep cycle lead acid batteries with the safest and longest lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. It has 1344Wh, 105Ah and 12.8V all at only 23 lbs. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It's redefining the battery industry!

Made from the safest, highest grade lithium iron phosphate, this battery outperforms the rest and replaces lead acid batteries for energy storage and for auxiliary power. Enjoy all these great benefits over lead acid:

  • Last Longer – Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Maintenance Free – Retains charge up to 2 years, no trickle charging or fluids needed.
  • Fast Charging and Lightweight – 15% faster charging with smart Battery Management System (BMS) and only 23 lbs.
  • Longer Run Time – Camp 2x longer, lift and dump 4x more on single charge with 150A continuous output.
  • Bluetooth® Compatible – Monitor your battery usage from the convenience of your mobile device.

Note: This battery is not designed for engine starting applications.

Bluetooth Compatible

  • Connect to the UT 1300 BT from a distance through your mobile device.
  • Monitor current energy capacity.
  • See incoming and outgoing energy usage in real time.

Lion Energy App for UT1300 Lithium Battery

Lifetime Warranty
The Safari UT 1300 BT comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is the last battery you'll probably ever need. Using Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, it can be drained and recharge over 3,500 times, years and years longer than lead acid batteries.

Weighs Less
At only 23 lbs, and a standard group 24 size (small footprint), the Safari UT 1300 BT is about 1/2 the weight of traditional batteries yet exceptionally powerful.

Made from Lithium Iron Phosphate, it's the safest lithium battery on the market. You can use it indoors or outdoors. It doesn't use potentially volatile chemistry.

Lasts Longer
Long lasting life cycles at 3,500+ using full depth of discharge (DOD) and still has power to spare. It can hold a charge for up to 2 years.

Renewable Solar Batteries
Use the power of the sun to fully recharge a UT 1300 BT in as little as 7 hrs. That way you can stay as long as you want.

Fish 2X As Long
Standard lead acid batteries give you 50% usable energy for the Ah rating. The Safari UT 1300 gives you 100% usage or all 105Ah. You'll be able to fish 2X as long on a single charge as lead acid.

Expandable for More Power
One Safari UT 1300 BT has 150A continuously and a 900A peak discharge. If you need more, they can be connected in parallel or in series to get even energy storage and more power.

Zero Maintenance
No acid or water. No trickle charging. No mess. The Safari UT 1300 just works, day in and day out.  

Environmentally Friendly
The Safari UT 1300 produces zero emissions or carbon footprint during use, emits no greenhouse gases, and does not damage the environment. It's good for you and the planet.  

Battery Management System (BMS)
The Safari UT series all have an internal Battery Management System (BMS) that acts as a safety net to shut down the battery if it out of parameters. This prevents the battery from overcharging or discharging as well as operating outside of the temperature range.

How the Safari UT 1300 stacks up to others:

  • The Safari UT 1300 is the lightest Lithium Iron Phosphate battery in its class by more than a bunch. This make a HUGE difference when you're looking at overall weight capacity for your RV, Trailer, or outdoor rig.
  • Because we use prismatic cells vs cylindrical cells, we can pack more power in a smaller unit.
  • The Safari UT 1300 has a limited lifetime warranty. It may be the last battery you'll ever buy. Everyone else offers only a 3 to 11 years warranty and are often prorated.

Charger Options
We offer multiple charging options with this package to suit your various needs.

  1. No Charger - If you will be using your current charger, it must support lithium (LiFePO4) chemistry. LiFePO4 batteries require a higher charging voltage so using a lead-acid or AGM charger will not fully charge the batteries. Also, it may not wake up the internal BMS if the batteries are fully discharged.
  2. Dakota Lithium 36V 8A Charger - 13 hour charge time if fully discharged.
  3. Dakota Lithium 36V 18A Charger - 6 hour charge time if fully discharged.
  4. NOCO 3 Bank Onboard Charger - Charges each 12V battery individually at 10 amps each.
  5. NOCO 4 Bank Onboard Charger - Ideal for boats where you'd like to charge each 12V trolling battery plus the boats starting battery, all individually at 10 amps each.

Winter usage tips:

  • The Safari UT lithium battery series performs better than lead acid batteries in most weather conditions. It can charge between temps of 32° and 113°F and can discharge between -4° and 131°F at 100% rate.
  • ALL types of batteries need to be above freezing in order to charge them. As a result, it is best to use the batteries in a climate controlled location (not on the tongue of a trailer or using a lead acid battery compartment that has to be ventilated, thus allowing freezing air to circulate around the battery).
  • The Safari UT and other lithium batteries can be placed in an insulated space, inside the RV or other climate controlled areas. Some users have suggested using a Battery Heating Pad that you can find online. We recommend using the battery in a climate controlled location.
  • If you need a heating element to keep the battery above freezing, click here for options.

UT 1300 User Guide

Specifications (per battery)
Weight 23 lbs
Group Size 24
Dimensions(LxWxH) 10.2"x6.2"x8.8" (Battery Posts add 1" Height)    
Battery Capacity 105Ah / 1344Wh
Battery Output 150 Amps Continuous
Battery Chemistry Prismatic Cell LiFePO4
Life Cycles 3,500+ at 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
Charge Retention Up to 2 Years
Operating Temp -4°F to 131°F
Charging 32°F to 113°F
Parallel Connections Yes
Series Connections Up to 4 (48V max)
Charge Rate
Charging Voltage 13.9V - 14.6V
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Lion Energy 36V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery Set (105Ah) | Lion Energy Battery

Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Battery Warranty, 1 Year Charger